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President’s Letter

Dear Friends, During the first 300 plus years of the early church, Christians were often beaten and killed for their belief in Christ. Just north


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a trying time for churches in 2020. Just as Joseph, son of Jacob, had to manifest a trusting, adaptable disposition throughout the trials in his life, so churches are having to do during this time.

The Talents and Shekels of Ministry

In the great Exodus, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, and into the wilderness.  During their encampment at Mount Sinai, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and specific instructions on how to build a portable tabernacle.

The Gathering Place

The Broadway musical Hamilton is an historical story about Alexander Hamilton and his impact on the formation of our country told through the eyes of Aaron Burr. Although some of the music and dialogue of Hamilton are not ready for Wednesday night prayer service, the song “In the Room Where it Happens” focuses on the access to power that comes directly as a result of being present in the room. 

Grassroots Efforts In Church Lending

In the early church, the message of Christ was delivered primarily through face-to-face communication from Christians to unbelievers. Paul the Apostle, who was responsible for the growth and spiritual maturity of the early church, provided wisdom, insight and encouragement through personal visits and letters. Thankfully, many of Paul’s letters were preserved for us in the Bible. Today we call such person-to-person communication “grassroots efforts.”

All Church Building Projects, Great And Small

We chose this year’s theme of “All Projects, Great and Small” because, At the Baptist Church Loan Corporation, not every client interaction starts – or even ends – with a loan.

A Unique Approach To Church Lending

In every move we’ve made, we’ve remained true to these fundamental rules – and we intend to continue expanding as time, funds and circumstance allow.

The Most Important Part Of Our Job

We began this amazing journey working with Baptist churches over sixty years ago. We’ve helped many churches along the way, met inspiring fellow Baptists with a vision, and witnessed the fruits of their labor in the eyes of hopeful believers touched by the Gospel.

Building A Foundation That Lasts

Although the world views financial success as its Rock of Gibraltar, a characteristic of strength and endurance, BCLC has always understood that any success we have is a blessing from God and our faith in His continued leadership.

Work In Progress

Ruth Bell Graham, the late wife of evangelist Billy Graham, spent many hours travelling with her husband on highways and farm-to-market roads in their efforts to spread the gospel. The pot holes, temporary pavement, and unclear road markings in these zones clearly reflected that there was a “work in progress.” These construction zones often reminded Mrs. Graham that as long as she was here on earth, she was also a “work in progress” supervised by the great architect and engineer, Jesus Christ.