Grassroots Efforts In Church Lending

By: Gerald R. James, Jr. President / CEO

If you had an important message that you wanted to share with others, how would you deliver that message?  In the early church, the message of Christ was delivered primarily through face-to-face communication from Christians to unbelievers. Paul the Apostle, who was responsible for the growth and spiritual maturity of the early church, provided wisdom, insight and encouragement through personal visits and letters. Thankfully, many of Paul’s letters were preserved for us in the Bible. Today we call such person-to-person communication “grassroots efforts.”

The BCLC has prospered this year through grassroots efforts. When reviewing our 2017 annual report, you will see a significant increase in loan applications received over the past two years. We believe the increase was due to the grassroots efforts of our company and our friends who have told others about us. Throughout the remainder of the annual report, you’ll read quotations from the pastors, church members and supporters who’ve contributed to our growth at the grassroots level.

We would like for you to join our efforts by sharing our message person-to-person, however it’s easiest to make that happen – in conversation at work, at church, on social media, by email or phone. Please let others know that the BCLC is here, that we have a shared interest in building God’s Kingdom, and that we make loans to promote that end.

To all of you have already joined our grassroots movement – and to those of you reading this – our deepest thanks for furthering the ministry and financial goals of BCLC.