President’s Letter

Dear Friends,

During the first 300 plus years of the early church, Christians were often beaten and killed for their belief in Christ. Just north of Rome, on the river Tiber, there was a bridge that changed everything.

The Battle of Milvian Bridge was between Maxentius, a paganist Roman Emperor, and Constantine, a Roman Emperor who was sympathetic to Christianity. Prior to the battle on October 28, A.D. 312, Constantine and his army saw a great cross in the sky and the Greek letters IC XC NIKA (“Jesus Christ Conquers”). On the day of the battle, Constantine and his men put the Greek letters on all their shields. Shortly thereafter, Maxentius and his men were quickly crushed by Constantine’s army.

After the battle, Constantine used his new power, as the sole Emperor of the Roman Empire, to restore stability and security to the Roman world. More importantly, he stopped the persecution of Christians, built churches for worship, designated Christianity as the main religion of Rome, and devoted himself to God. What a great example of how Jesus Christ conquers.

At the Baptist Church Loan Corporation (BCLC), we are blessed to be able to serve His churches on a daily basis. Despite many heartbreaks, we have seen how Jesus Christ conquers in the battles of His church. Some of these battles are in the hearts of our pastors, the stability of the church congregation, and the lack of growth. Our sole purpose is to provide wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement to His churches. In the end, all that matters is IC XC NIKA.

Thank you to the many men and women who have volunteered their time and skills to serve on the BCLC Board of directors.

Gerald R. James, Jr.
President/CEO, Baptist Church Loan Corporation