Loan Qualifications

Church Loan Requirements

BCLC accepts loan applications from Baptist and like-minded churches, which cooperate with their local Baptist association or their state Baptist convention, and from BCLC Supported Churches as defined in our Vision, Mission, & Core Beliefs.

Loan approvals are not based solely upon financial ratios. The BCLC also looks at other areas such as: leadership, ministry impact, commitment of the members, growth potential, and church location when reviewing loan requests.

Supported Project Types

BCLC provides loans for new construction, remodeling, parking, land, facilities, and refinancing. Most property-related projects qualify as projects that BCLC supports. BCLC will use all church property as collateral for the loan.


BCLC takes a first lien on all church land and improvements. The maximum loan to value permitted is 75%. This is typical of most church lenders and means that the requirement for a church loan is a 25% cash injection by the church into the project.

Loan Sizes and Terms

The minimum loan amount for a loan with BCLC is $500,000. New loans are fully-amortizing, 20-year term notes that adjust according to the interest rate option that was selected by the church at loan closing (one-year, three-year, and five-year rate options available).


Please call 844-273-7713 for our current 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year fixed interest rates. Rates are fixed for the elected term and will adjust to BCLC’s current rate on the adjustment date. Although the rate adjusts on the adjustment date, the loan is not due until the maturity date (i.e. the loan balance will be paid off over a 20-year period).

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