Types of Church Loans

No matter the size or scope of the church project in front of you, all of our loans are designed to help your church grow.
Types of Church Loans

Let Us Help Fund Your Vision For Tomorrow

church framing new construction
New Construction

We offer tailored loans to your unique needs with advantages no bank can match.

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Remodel Project

We fund various church remodeling projects, from roof replacements to sanctuary overhauls.

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Loan Refinancing

A little refinancing can go a long way. Learn about our cost-effective refinancing options.

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Property Purchases

We support both raw land purchases and existing church building purchases.

So Much More Than A Loan

We go beyond financial ratios and consider your leadership, ministry impact, and growth potential for loan approvals. We accept loan applications from Baptist and like-minded churches.


Make Sound Financial Decisions

We believe in providing churches with an honest picture of how much they can afford to borrow. Use our calculator tools and contact us for additional guidance.

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate what a typical monthly payment might be for a church loan.


Loan Amount Calculator

See how much your church could potentially borrow.


Trust Your Vision to Like-Minded Partners

No Origination Fees

BCLC does not charge any origination fees at loan closing.

No Balloon Notes

None of BCLC loans are balloon notes. This means that churches are not required to refinance every three or five years.

No Prepayment Penalties

There are no prepayment penalties. Our churches are free to pay down or pay off their loans as quickly as they would like.

No Cash Flow Covenants

BCLC does not require cash flow covenants that borrowers have to adhere to over the life of the loan in order to remain in good standing.


Hear from the People We Serve

Pastors know that spreading word about BCLC also spreads the gospel. Check out these testimonials about our exceptional church loan services.

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Let's Talk

Kingdom Growth

Whatever your needs and ministry goals are, contacting us is the first step to achieving your vision and God’s plan for your church project. Let’s get started.

God Has a Plan for Your Church. Ready to Grow?

There’s nothing more exciting than watching God’s plan for your church unfold. Let our church loan expertise of over 70 years help you get there.