Trust Your Vision to Like-Minded Partners

Both on the company level and on the individual employee level, BCLC seeks to be aligned with God's will on a daily basis, much like your church.

Robust Experience and Financial Strength


When you choose BCLC, you are partnering with a gospel-center ministry.  BCLC has been serving Baptist and like-minded churches through the ministry of finance for nearly 70 years.  Our loan products give our customers the opportunity to have efficient and affordable church real estate loan options. 

Listed below are some interesting facts about the BCLC:

  • BCLC has processed over $1 billion in loan requests from Baptist churches since it was started in 1952.
  • BCLC is a non-profit, self supporting corporation.  All of BCLC's corporate officers are members of Baptist churches.
  • BCLC, based upon capital adequacy ratios, is at least five times stronger than most commercial banks.
  • BCLC estimates that there are approximately 175,000 per week worshipping in BCLC financed church facilities.


    Distinguished Loan Products


    In addition to sharing the same ultimate goal as churches  to advance God's Kingdom — BCLC also distinguishes itself in the loan products it offers:

    • BCLC does not charge any origination fees at loan closing.
    • There are no prepayment penalties.  Our churches are free to pay down or pay off their loans as quickly as they would like.
    • None of BCLC loans are balloon notes.  This means that churches are not required to refinance every three or five years.
    • BCLC does not require cash flow covenants that borrowers have to adhere to over the life of the loan in order to remain in good standing.


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