Will Your Church Survive or Thrive Post-Pandemic?

There are a lot of things that won’t make it through the pandemic. The number of restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses that have relied on people gathering will decline. Likewise, many churches not willing to adapt and pivot will, more than likely, close their doors a few years earlier than they would have otherwise.

But the churches that adapt and pivot can thrive as a result of what they have learned and embraced from the Pandemic. Churches that have reorganized around more shared lay leadership will grow deeper and wider than they ever could in their centralized staff models. Churches that develop clear strategies for their digital presence will be able to reach new people and disciple them in ways relevant for their digitized life. Churches that have recommitted to minister to their neighborhoods will find they have become more relevant and related to the people in their communities.

What have been the positives of the pandemic that will help your church be stronger and more effective moving forward?

  • Shared leadership
  • Online giving
  • Increased use of technology
  • Upgraded website
  • Virtual bible study classes
  • Community ministry
  • Renewed focus on prayer
  • Intentional care for the elderly and shut-ins
  • More people reached through our online worship and Bible Studies
  • Other?

What have been the challenges?

  • Learning to be both an in-person and online church
  • Connecting with people who watch online
  • Evangelizing online
  • Making Disciples online
  • Getting people to return to in-person worship and Bible study
  • Getting people to commit to serve again
  • Other?

At the Baptist Church Loan Corporation, we are available to partner with you to determine next steps to meet newly recognized needs and opportunities created by the pandemic.

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Authored By: Dan Garland, Next Step Partnership Specialist