Let your interest be for His Kingdom.

BCLC is a ministry that provides church loans with a Kingdom cause.  100% of BCLC’s net interest proceeds are placed into BCLC’s permanent fund, which is then used to lend to more churches, all around the nation.

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7 Things You Should Know About Church Loans

When paired with healthy budgeting practices and a humble leadership team, church loans can be extremely helpful in facilitating necessary expansions or improvements to church buildings.  However, it is important for church leaders to be aware of these various dynamics in institutional lending before taking on a church loan.

Gathering Important Church Demographics

In the process of reviewing your church’s context, you will collect data for two categories of information: counts and containers.

What is a Church’s Context?

The context of your church determines your church’s relevancy in the community and the methods of your church ministry. Context will dictate your church’s unique strategy to effectively permeate the community.

Will Your Church Survive or Thrive Post-Pandemic?

Churches that adapt and pivot can thrive as a result of what they have learned and embraced from the Pandemic.

80 20 rule pareto

The 80/20 Principle: A New Year Initiative for Churches

The beginning of a new year is a good time to ask, “What are the 20% of ministry endeavors we are doing as a church that are yielding 80% of the results in making disciples?”

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