By: Gerald R. James, Jr. President / CEO


/əˌdaptəˈbilədē/    noun

the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.

In Genesis 37-50, God’s word provides a great example of adaptability through the story of the life of Joseph, the beloved son of Jacob. Joseph experienced unexpected changes and obstacles throughout his life – such as being thrown into a pit by his brothers, sold to a caravan of Ishmaelites, sold to a high-ranking Egyptian officer, framed by the Egyptian officer’s wife and put into prison.

While in prison, Joseph was promoted to guard servant, became a dream interpreter, and was eventually freed and exalted to second in command by the Egyptian Pharaoh. Later, Joseph had the opportunity to forgive his brothers and provide food and land for his family. Because of his faith, he adapted to the ever-changing world around him and sought to excel despite his circumstances. God was faithful to Joseph.

The Covid -19 virus has proven to be an interesting test for the body of Christ. Because of the limited gathering access to facilities and the economic struggle for some members, many churches have already begun to adapt to the reality of today.

In the early churches, the Roman roads were used as pathways to spread the gospel. In today’s world, churches will use prayer, local ministry efforts, lay leaders, technology, modified gathering venues, auto-debits and whatever else is needed to help spread the gospel.

Driven by our calling to equip churches to spread the gospel and guided by our extensive experience, BCLC is a gospel-centered church financing organization – one that is dedicated to helping you make good financial decisions regarding church building projects. Our services span 30 states in the U.S. and have benefited thousands of churches with affordable real estate loans and building project guidance. At every turn, we treat you and your church with professional and knowledgeable care as we join alongside your unique calling and circumstance to help you step into the gathering space God has prepared for you.

Thank you to the Board of Directors who volunteer their skills and time to help spread our ministry.

Authored By: Gerald R. James, Jr., President/CEO Baptist Church Loan Corporation