The Gathering Place

By: Gerald R. James, Jr. President / CEO

The Broadway musical Hamilton is an historical story about Alexander Hamilton and his impact on the formation of our country told through the eyes of Aaron Burr.   Although some of the music and dialogue of Hamilton are not ready for Wednesday night prayer service, the song “In the Room Where it Happens” focuses on the access to power that comes directly as a result of being present in the room.

As Christians, we know that Christ’s presence is the source of true power.  We also know that gathering places for worship are successful if Christ is present and the site is easily accessible.  Christ makes his promise to be present in Matthew 18:20 which states:  “Where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them.”  Thus, when believers gather, the presence of Christ, the source of true power, is promised.

Scripture also describes how Christ made his gathering place convenient for and accessible to his followers by meeting them where they were.  Luke 6:17 states: “Then Jesus came down with them and stood on a level place, along with many of his disciples and a large gathering of people from all over Judea, Jerusalem, and the seacoast…”  Jesus’ presence was not restricted to Jerusalem, to the synagogue or to any other one place or room.  It was and still is possible to be in the presence of Christ, the source of true power, in a multitude of places and in many kinds of rooms.

Over the years, the Baptist Church Loan Corporation (“BCLC”) has provided funds for many types of gathering places.  Some of the more non-conventional include:  a moose lodge, horse race track, restaurant, furniture store warehouse, commercial office complex, county western bar, Chevrolet dealership, KOA campground, rodeo arena, opera house, funeral home, movie theater, gas station, school, hotel, and a bank.  Although unconventional, each of these gathering places became a “room where it happens”—a room that allows believers to gather in the presence of Christ to experience the power that only comes through Christ.

We are grateful for the many men and women who have volunteered their time and expertise to serve on the BCLC board of directors and for our lending partners who have provided the necessary loan funds to support our ministry.

Authored By: Gerald R. James, Jr., President/CEO Baptist Church Loan Corporation