A Unique Approach To Church Lending

By: Gerald R. James, Jr. President / CEO

It has been our privilege to lead BCLC Church Lending during our expansion from Texas into surrounding states and, most recently, into a huge multi-state region in the southeast U.S. None of this growth would have been possible without the faith that forms the foundation of our entire organization. To the person who is new to our way of doing business, our approach may seem… different. But that’s really the whole point:

  • Our business credentials and financial position are impeccable, but our business plan is actually a ministry.
  • Our mission is to spread the gospel and expand God’s kingdom, by helping as many churches as possible.
  • Our technique is to make real estate related church loans that are easier for congregations to apply for, with terms that are easier to live with, and lower rates that are easier to pay off than comparable bank loans.
  • Net earnings are used to provide permanent funds for future church loans.
  • Our board is composed of successful business men and women who have a passion for serving the Lord.

In every move we’ve made, we’ve remained true to these fundamental rules – and we intend to continue expanding as time, funds and circumstance allow. This describes the impact that this new part of our journey is having – on us and on the churches we serve.