What Is A Church Capital Stewardship Campaign?

A church capital stewardship campaign is simply a strategy to generate both cash and pledge commitments that will be used for specific purposes such as the construction of church facilities, the renovation of existing buildings, or the reduction of outstanding debt.  Most of the time, churches will hire church consultants or use some of the church leaders to manage their campaign.

Typically, campaigns will suggest members to make three-year pledge commitments.  For most churches, total pledge commitments should range between 1.0 to 1.5 times of the church’s annual tithes.  If all goes well, your church will receive approximately 90% of total pledge commitments.  Generally, 40% of your pledges will be collected within the first year and 30% during each of the next two years.

In a properly run campaign, the talk of the members will be more in terms of the stewardship of the total person and that person’s relationship to Jesus Christ.  Your church will ultimately begin to raise money, but it will be rooted in generosity of spirit rather than obligation.  The blessing of your church is that your members will enhance the spiritual awareness that comes from the giving of themselves and their resources to the Lord’s work.