Vision, Mission, & Core Beliefs

BCLC’s Vision is to glorify God through our service to His churches.

BCLC’s Mission is to assist churches in their efforts to spread the gospel by providing affordable real estate related loans.

BCLC’s Mission Priorities are:

  • To focus on the long term spiritual and financial health of each church we consult.
  • To provide our churches with straightforward terms, rate options, and underwriting guidelines.
  • To serve as many churches as feasible, regardless of their size, longevity, or ethnicity.

BCLC Supported Churches are defined by their beliefs:

  • Jesus Christ as the head of the Church and the church as part of the Body of Christ.
  • Christ’s atoning sacrifice for justification and salvation that comes from Jesus Christ alone.
  • The virgin birth of Christ, His death for our sins, and His resurrection.
  • The Priesthood of each believer.
  • Biblical truth.

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