Next Step Partnership

Preparing for your church's next step with BCLC.


Next Step Partnership assists church leaders as they prepare for upcoming milestones in the growth of the church.

BCLC’s Next Step Specialists will help your church examine its unique culture within the church walls, which determines the manner in which all tasks and decisions are carried out.

Understanding the context in which your church operates  — from the types of people you reach to the details of the site on which you gather — is essential in determining how your church is positioned to grow.

Bringing to remembrance His calling and activating that calling in every decision your church makes is the best foundation on which a church can grow.

About Next Step Partnership

BCLC’s Next Step Specialists have extensive experience in the industry of serving churches.  Next Step Partnership is a BCLC-funded service for growing churches that are seeking perspective and insight regarding how they are currently positioned and what their potential future steps might be.  This service is particularly valuable for churches that foresee the need of repurposing their culture, strategy, or facilities.  

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