The Economics Of Jesus

By: Gerald R. James, Jr. President / CEO

Habitat for Humanity (known as “Habitat”) is a well known, international, non-profit Christian ministry that provides quality, affordable housing to the less fortunate. Everyone who receives a home from Habitat is expected to make a down payment and monthly payments to help cover costs. On their website, Habitat describes their ministry as one that uses the “theology of a hammer” and the “economics of Jesus”.

Similarly, the Baptist Church Loan Corporation (known as “BCLC”) is a non-profit Christian ministry that provides affordable loans to Baptist Churches. When reviewing our 2011 annual report, you can glean what the BCLC believes to be our “theology of a loan”. The terms and the credit underwriting of our new church loan products are the same for every church regardless of their financial strength. The church loan rate options offered to our churches are straightforward and easy to understand. The BCLC board of directors, officers and staff strive to manage BCLC assets in a prudent manner, so that our organization can clearly focus on its primary purpose, the long term growth and health of each church we consult.

The BCLC has been called to be an integral part in the growth of God’s churches by providing low cost affordable loan funds—the “economics of Jesus”. In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians Paul writes: “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” (1 Corinthians 3:6). Likewise, the founders of the BCLC have planted the seeds of this great organization, the officers and directors have the privilege of watering it but the growth is due solely to the blessings of God. God has richly blessed the BCLC and the BCLC remains committed to “watering the seeds” by helping as many churches as possible.

We are grateful for the many men and women who through the years have volunteered their time and expertise to serve on the BCLC board of directors and for our lenders who have worked with us to provide the necessary loan funds to our churches.